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Upper School Visual Arts Department

Here you can see samples of artworks our students are producing from grades 6 to 12. Just select a gallery below for a slide show of some of our student work.

Taking Pride in Our Work!


FIS students have many opportunities to create and appreciate art. All Grade 6 to 8 students receive 150 minutes of art instruction every 8 days for half the school year. Grade 9 students who opt for Visual Arts as an elective receive 150 minutes per cycle for the entire year. Grade 10 Foundations Arts students have 300 minutes of art time per cycle and IB Diploma level Art students have up to 350 minutes per cycle. In any given week, over 500 students are moving through the three Upper School art studios, painting, sculpting, printing and drawing. For a look at the curriculum for each of the grade levels, click here FIS Visual Arts Curriculum.


In addition to their studio practice, most of the Upper School grade levels have organized trips to art museums and institutions all over Europe, where they learn about art and art history. They are regularly asked to engage in art making and art appreciation exercises outside of the school.  Middle school grade level students are challenged on many of their class excursions to sketch their environs, write critical reflections and come to terms with the artworks they encounter, from the sculpture of the Kröller-Müller Museum in Holland (grade 7) to the Neues Museum and the Pergamon Altar in Berlin (grade 10). The IB Diploma level students are treated to alternating biennial visits every first term to the  world class collections of the Städel Museum and the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, where they are brought face to face with some of the worlds most famous personalities in art from the medieval period to the present day. In all of these instances, the students are required to do more than just look at the art around them. They are asked to reflect upon and (in some cases) create art in response to what they see in these exhibitions. This is part of the larger FIS philosophy of educating the whole child and encouraging our young thinkers to recognize, understand and respond to the issues and aesthetics they perceive in the world around them.



Galleries for your viewing:

IB Diploma First Year assemblage projects

Grade 9 Color Wheels

IB Diploma Historical Portraits

IB Diploma Level Exhibition 2015

Grade 7 Drypoint Printmaking

Grade 10 Foundations Art

Musical Instrument conte still-lifes

IB Diploma

"Monumental Me" graphite drawings

Grade 6 Celtic

Illuminated Manuscripts

Video of IB1 students working on their Monumental Me graphite self-portraits in the studio.

A world of opportunities

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